Easy and Convenient
Quick Virtual Clinic Setup
No Monthly Subscription Fees 

An Economical and Easy to Use Virtual Visit Solution

Many Use Cases
Prescription appointments, follow ups, low-acuity urgent care, clinical trials, and chronic care management.
Earn Network Credits
Active community members earn network credits towards potential tokenized platform ownership.  

Core Capabilities

Virtual Clinic Scheduler

Virtual Team Directory System

Unlimited Service Offerings

Flexible Pricing System

Branded Virtual Clinic Pages

Automatic Mobile App Email Launch

Personal Provider Pages

Blockchain secured Credential Wallet (Q42018)

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Virtual Clinic
Unlimited Clinics/Patients
Video, Audio, & Text
Create Teams
Earn Credits
$.89/interaction+cc fees
Health Wallet+
Virtual Clinic Plan plus
Provider Identity Wallet
Patient Data Wallet
EHR Interchangeability
$1.59/interaction+cc fees
Q4 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is PointNurse a healthcare company? 
PointNurse is building a peer-to-peer decentralized software platform, cryptographic payment applications, and privacy-preserving asset management systems to enable a decentralized healthcare network to form.  
2. Can doctors or physician assistants use the PointNurse platform? 
Yes.  All healthcare providers can use the PointNurse solution to conduct remote consults. Web portal pages can be branded to look like your existing web site. All providers must abide by state regulations and practice according to licensure.  
4. Can you customize the platform for our specific needs? 
Yes.  For larger clinics seeking custom integration we will develop a statement of work based one your requirements and an estimate for your clinic-specific needs.
3. What makes the PointNurse telemedicine platform unique? 
A few of things.  Clinics can set up a virtual presence in less than an hour.  No monthly service charges.  PointNurse makes money only when you conduct a session.  Opportunity to earn credits toward network token ownership.
Your Brand
Create your own personal brand, clinic brand, and/or team virtual clinic and directory.  
Connecting with Patients has Never Been Easier   

Innovative Product Offerings


Virtual Clinic Social Media Sharing 

Peer-to-Peer Communications

Visa and MasterCard Payment Processing

Patient and Peer Ratings System

Transaction and Session Analytics

iPhone & Android Secure Messaging, Video, and Audio App

Patient Appointment Invite System

Blockchain secured Data Wallet (Q42018)